Talent Solutions Right Management Ireland Helping Employers Stay Engaged With Staff During Times of Significant Change

Providing employees with resources and guidance to use their time productively and to develop effective stress management techniques will help them remain connected to the organisation and motivated to pick up where they left off.

Most employees would say they don’t have the time to reflect on their personal goals and ambitions, to explore their values or what drives them in their careers - let alone spending time brushing up their skills or developing new capabilities. For those employees with some extra time on their hands, now is a great opportunity to invest in ourselves in a way that you wouldn’t ‘normally’ allow yourself  to do. For many, this will be an anxious time, and having too much time to reflect and think may lead to employees wondering how to keep abreast and up to date with the world of work. Providing your employees with the necessary resources and guidance to use this time productively and to develop effective stress management techniques will help them remain connected to the organisation, and motivated to pick up where they left off upon their return to work.

Our new solution: ReConnect

With this in mind, we’ve created a virtual programme designed specifically to support your employees that are not fully engaged in the workflow due to COVID-19 . ReConnect is all about using this time to reflect, upskill and prepare for the future. Using our market-leading career platform, RightEverywhere®, individuals are guided through a series of self-reflection activities and webinars on topics including resilience and personal discovery, with access to our entire catalogue of virtual training courses. The programme enables you to support your people and provide an area of focus during these uncertain times.

Providing support and demonstrating care

Many employees will inevitably face a range of challenging emotions during this uncertain period. Being separated from colleagues and less engaged in the workflow may create feelings of isolation and loneliness. It’s therefore paramount to maintain communication with this cohort, providing a means of connection and a forum for support, as well as signposting to mental health resources, if needed.

Whether we like to admit it or not, so many of us are defined by our careers – and having reduced working hours, being separated from the organisation or not be engaged fully in the workflow may lead to a loss of identity or a lack of engagement and connection to the organisation. Your people will be paramount to your success when we return to the ‘new normal’, and it’s important that you demonstrate this value to your employees – ensuring they’re ready to hit the ground running when the time comes.

Whilst employees may be able to perform at 100%, you can still provide support and guidance around personal development. We’ve identified three key areas for support:

What does it comprise of?


With mental wellbeing at the top of the agenda for employers and individuals alike, many of us will be discovering that our resilience and stress-management skills need some strengthening. Strategies for handling a prolonged period of change and uncertainty can include: developing a positive mindset, understanding the change curve, identifying elements within our control, and techniques such as mindfulness and breathing. Whilst there’s a wealth of information available online, directly contacting your furloughed employees with advice and signposting on how to look after their mental health will demonstrate care and provide an additional level of support.


Gone are the days when employees could rely on their employer to map out and manage their career for them. Now is the time for individuals to undertake a career ‘stocktake’, reflecting on past successes and identifying strengths and development areas to help plan for the future. It’s also a great opportunity to consider how their skills and aspirations align with the organisation, and to think about potential next steps – whether that’s developing in their existing role, gaining experience in another department, or taking on additional responsibilities.


Skills needs and requirements are changing rapidly – and whilst the post-pandemic world of work is still largely unknown, there’s never been a better time to upskill or reskill. Having completed their self-reflection, individuals may have acknowledged specific areas for improvement, or identified a new skill that could be useful moving forwards. Whilst training cannot be directly related to the employee’s specific job role, there’s a wealth of options for developing both hard and soft skills during this time – whether that’s brushing up on Excel techniques, completing a project management qualification or improving communication or lateral thinking skills. The UK government is providing a range of free training courses for individuals, and organisations can also support their employees with access to further learning resources.

 ReConnect Case Study

Talent Solutions Right Management Ireland have been engaged by a transport organisation to assist them stay in staying connected with employees who have been placed on temporary leave pending the relaunch of the economy when the full effects of Covid 19 to subside. This ensures that staff continue to have a sense of purpose for the organisation and can proactively stay engaged in areas such as personal upskilling, career engagement modules and personalised webinars, which are a great tool for creating a visual element to the service. Right Management engaged with the senior staff at the company, developed bespoke offerings compatible to their requirements and engaged with the company through the process to ensure that the key messages are being delivered on point.

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