Agile RPO

Optimise your resources during peak and slow times with our flexible recruitment support for short-term, seasonal or speciality hiring needs.

To support this, we are adapting our resources to where they are most needed for essential roles in critical services, providing organisations with the innovative solutions they need to successfully navigate the changing face of recruitment and build a better normal for their business.



With market demands changing rapidly, we know that sometimes the recruitment needs for organisations can become overwhelming. Our portfolio of RPO solutions enables businesses to access highly specialist services when they need it, offering support and flexibility.

Organisations can rapidly turn on and off the services to meet urgent, peak or ongoing requirements and receive critical support to assist with the identification, sourcing and placing of in-demand talent.

Our flexible, project-based recruitment solutions can be tailored to your needs, providing organisations with the innovative solutions they need to successfully navigate the changing face of recruitment and build a better normal for your business.

Find out more about how our expert capabilities and agile solutions, combined with best-in-class technology, can provide your business with the flexibility you need to continue recruiting the right talent for your organisation.

Our Technology

By partnering with best-in-class technology providers, key capabilities are integrated directly into PowerSuite, which creates the flexibility to tailor our offerings to meet evolving client and candidate needs. Leveraging data and automation, our solutions increase your efficiency, improve candidate experience and hiring quality while reducing cost and risk as well as time-to-fill.

Innovative Technology Drives Performance

Recognised by industry analysts as the largest global RPO provider for seven consecutive years, we leverage our data-driven insights, best-in-class technology and approach to find, engage and deliver talent to help organisations accelerate business performance.

Watch the video to find out more about how Powersuite can empower your hiring manager and improve candidate experience.

Agile RPO Services

How our workforce solutions drive closer alignment between business and talent strategies, resulting in higher quality talent, greater operational efficiencies and enhanced profitability. We are anticipating and responding to the fast changing situation day by day, taking the appropriate and necessary steps to engage with people to understand how they are feeling and ensuring their wellbeing. 

Case Study

RPO Solution Enhances Recruitment Process and Candidate Experience for a Global Airline


Our client is one of the world’s leading global premium airlines and the largest international carrier in the World. The airline carries more than 40 million customers a year and currently has approximately 40,000 employees including 15,000 cabin crew, 3,600 pilots and 5,500 engineers.


The Challenge

Our client required a high volume of candidates to be sourced across four business lines over a short period of time. Reflecting the scope of their complex business, they sought a workforce that was both diverse and flexible. There was also a desire to enhance the overall candidate experience, and ensure an increase in positive feedback from candidates.

The Solution

Following a competitive bid process, ManpowerGroup secured the opportunity to manage the RPO programme for this prestigious client and assembled a team of RPO resourcing experts. Extensive planning ensured the team could generate the large volumes of candidates required. The entire recruitment process was redesigned, from application through to on-boarding. Messaging was transparent regarding the flexibility that would be required in the jobs; this allowed candidates who were not open to such requirements to de-select themselves from the recruitment process at an early stage. The creation of ‘Best in Class’ assessment centres that were shorter and smarter also added to an improved candidate experience.

The Results

A specialist candidate attraction campaign was launched across a variety of channels, attracting over 23,000 candidates. We are delivering 800 perm hires across many functions. Feedback from the airline itself, assessors and the account team confirmed the ‘Best in Class’ assessment centres had resulted in a noticeable increase in the quality of candidates assessed. An improved candidate experience was verified by almost 90% of candidates, who rated their recruitment experience either ‘good’ or ‘excellent’. 100% of candidates have passed airside vetting.

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Optimise your resources during peak and slow times with our flexible recruitment support for short-term, seasonal or speciality hiring needs.


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