Kiara Bradley

Project Manager

Kiara’s role as Project Manager is to ensure the effective planning and delivery of services to clients through the provision of efficient and organised operational support. This role involves working across functions, across teams and covers all solutions ensuring detailed project planning and project management support is available to complex client projects.

She is responsible for delivering a client experience that reinforces Right Management’s positioning and brand values and includes continuous dialogue; responding with urgency to specific requests and organising fast and easy access to relevant expertise.


Kiara’s role includes ensuring that there is proactive resolution of issues that arise during project delivery or in administration. This role involves liaising between Right Management employees and the client stakeholders to ensure openness and full disclosure of all aspects of project delivery, including fast feedback on issues; regular feedback on project progress; initiation of discussions on additional or potential client pains based on a deep knowledge of the client, their industry, markets, success drivers and challenges.


Kiara has managed projects in a variety of industries across Ireland and has a track record of achieving high levels of engagement with client companies to form trusting, transparent and long-term relationships.